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Temporary Thimber Theatre

Location: Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Cliente: Comune di Hertogenbosch

Progetto: 2013

Menzione speciale da parte della giuria

Project a theatre in the historical city center of a middle-little town is a important operation for the city culture and its sociality. The theatre became a new collective space for the city and is located in a sensible spot in front of the Sint-Jan Evangelist Cathedral. The project site is caracterized by trees that settled the free public space. The concept expected the creation of a covert square and a open air square. The covert square (that includes the foyer, a bar and the theater service spaces) introduce the visitors to the public square dominated by the theatre tower and to a large public terrace. An orizontal slab -a combinated structure composed by an iron frame and a wooden slab- divided the two squares; two essential volumes define (made with wooden structure and wooden trim) determine the theatre structure: a cube generate the external volume of the complex, another one come out form the firts one to show the theatre inner space.

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