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Helsinki Guggenheim Museum

Un progetto del museo che unisce il museo, la città e il mare

The project concept aims at merging the Water Front with the Tahiyiyornin vuori Park, the Ferry Terminal with market square, an urban “knot” which will tie the museum to the city and to the sea in a permanent way. The design of the ground is characterized by a multitude of possible routes, downtime and green areas which form the big urban square by the sea and the visitors will be attracted from the city to the basement of the compound and to the big hall. The basement will house the conference hall, the refreshment area, the book shop, the technical spaces; from the square two slip roads lead directly to the scenographic pedestrian footbridges which reach the Tahiyiyornin vuori Park and the ferry boat terminal.

La scheda di progetto

Helsinki, Finlandia


Guggenheim Group




Project Gallery

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